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The Physiological Processes that Drive Financial Decisions
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
Neuroeconomics is an emerging field that uses economics and neuroscience to better understand the financial decisions that we make. Behavioral economics, which incorporates elements of psychology, is also helping us better understand monetary behavior.
How to Overcome Mental Fatigue During the Holidays
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
If there's one time of year that typically causes extra stress, it's during the holidays. But there are ways to overcome the mental fatigue.
Charitable Donations: The Picture Matters
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
The type of picture that charities use to encourage people to donate makes a big difference.
Which Gender Is More Likely to Give to Charity?
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
When we give to charities, money flows out from our pocket into theirs. This means more for the charities and less for us. The factors that influence this transfer of funds is important to understand as it affects our bottom line if we give.
Spending in Retirement: The One-Two Million Asset Group
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
Roughly one in 20 households has over $1 million in investable assets, not including real estate. This group is not typical of the average American, but rather among the most privileged.
Preparing Your Savings for the Stages of Retirement
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
There is a recent evidence that spending in retirement is not consistent year-to-year. The general line of thinking goes in three stages – are you ready for them?
The US, EU, and Pension Financial Performance
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
From the Better Finance report regarding EU pension performance, it sounds as if America is not only on the right tract for pension financial reform; we are leading the way!
Fear Is Here: Instability in Market Expectations
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
As the Fear Factor (VIX) rises, stock indexes remain flat. This is an alarming sign. It suggests uncertainty about what’s ahead for the market.
Overdue for a Bear Market Tumble
  |  Shirley Mueller, MD
It is true that we are overdue for a bear market. A correction is a drop of 10% from the peak; a bear is 20% or more. We haven’t see the latter since 2008.

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