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Ryan Black is an Associate Editor for MD Magazine. He covers news and other topics in rheumatology and endocrinology. He can be contacted by e-mail at

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ADHD Candidate Drug Abandoned Following Phase 3 Failure
  |  Ryan Black
After spotty trials, Alcobra's MDX met its end as a potential ADHD treatment.
Rheumatology Community Calls for Collaboration to Fight Arthritis Comorbidities
  |  Ryan Black
It's well known that arthritis doesn't mix well with other conditions. But where does healthcare go with that information?
FDA Issues Refusal to File for Postoperative Pain Reliever's NDA Bid
  |  Ryan Black
Deeming Xaracoll to be a drug/device combination, the Food and Drug Administration notified Innocoll yesterday that it would not be going forward with the New Drug Application they had filed for the product in October.
House Follows Senate to Initiate the End of the ACA
  |  Ryan Black
It did not take long for the other shoe to fall.
“Shock and Kill” Study Targets Dormant HIV
  |  Ryan Black
A study out of the University of Montreal explores newer, more accurate methods of targeting "HIV reservoirs" and tests two drugs, originally developed for cancer treatment, for their ability to bring the virus out of hiding.
Researchers Enlist Cattle Dewormers in Fight Against C. difficile Infection
  |  Ryan Black
The authors of a recently published study claim a novel, existing class of drugs, known as salicylanilides, are effective against C. difficile infection.
Study Examines Factors in the Development of HIV-Controlling Antibodies
  |  Ryan Black
The study identified several characteristics to observe in HIV patients who develop broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies (bnAbs), which occur naturally in about one percent of those infected with the disease and could be key in an eventual vaccine. Black patients were found more likely to develop them than white.
A Decade of Deaths: CDC Issues Report on Football Fatalities
  |  Ryan Black
The report documents two dozen high school deaths over 10 years between 2005 and 2014.
Trump Meets Controversial Silicon Valley Figures to Discuss FDA Posts
  |  Ryan Black
Balaji Srinivasan and Jim O'Neill have both previously derided the FDA's role.

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