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Rich Doctor's Family Spends How Much in a Year?
  |  Physician on FIRE
A multimillionaire family tracked every dollar spent over the course of a year. How much did they spend? The answer will most certainly surprise you.
Cutting Your TV Bill Without Cutting the Cord
  |  Physician on FIRE
Cutting the cord is all the rage. I wish I could get by without paid television. I tried. I failed, but cut my bill by 60%.
Early Retirement & the Likelihood of Regret
  |  Physician on FIRE
You may regret retiring too soon. Conversely, you may working too long. In this post, I do my best to help you find the ideal time to retire.
The Gift of Giving Nothing this Holiday Season
  |  Physician on FIRE
Some people are difficult to shop for. What do you give someone who seemingly has everything? Focus on experiences, or perhaps give nothing at all.
Five Reasons I Didn't Retire at Age 39
  |  Physician on FIRE
After nine years as an anesthesiologist, I had earned enough to be considered financially independent and retire early. But I wasn't ready.
Where Doctors Can Find a Higher Pay & Lower Cost of Living
  |  Physician on FIRE
As a physician, certain parts of the nation offer a higher pay scale coupled with a lower cost of living. Take advantage of this geographic arbitrage.
The Donor Advised Fund: The Best Way to Donate
  |  Physician on FIRE
Using a donor advised fund is a great way to give the most to charity at the lowest cost to you. This is how I used mine to donate $100,000.
Five Reasons I WIll Choose an Early Retirement
  |  Physician on FIRE
In order to have a sucessful early retirement, you must have the means to afford it, and reasons to want it. These are mine.
Giving Thanks. My First $100,000 Donation.
  |  Physician on FIRE
It's better to give than receive. To celebrate my 41st birthday, I decided to give thanks by donating $100,000 to charity.

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