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Top 5 Money Lessons Prince Taught Us
  |  Physician on FIRE
Prince was a business man. His lyrics contained some Money gems.
A Physician Tries Out Minimalism
  |  Physician on FIRE
I've spent the first forty years of my life enthusiastically accumulating. I've realized it's time to start dealing with the excess.
Rich Doctor's Family Spends How Much in a Year?
  |  Physician on FIRE
A multimillionaire family tracked every dollar spent over the course of a year. How much did they spend? The answer will most certainly surprise you.
Cutting Your TV Bill Without Cutting the Cord
  |  Physician on FIRE
Cutting the cord is all the rage. I wish I could get by without paid television. I tried. I failed, but cut my bill by 60%.
Early Retirement & the Likelihood of Regret
  |  Physician on FIRE
You may regret retiring too soon. Conversely, you may working too long. In this post, I do my best to help you find the ideal time to retire.
The Gift of Giving Nothing this Holiday Season
  |  Physician on FIRE
Some people are difficult to shop for. What do you give someone who seemingly has everything? Focus on experiences, or perhaps give nothing at all.
Five Reasons I Didn't Retire at Age 39
  |  Physician on FIRE
After nine years as an anesthesiologist, I had earned enough to be considered financially independent and retire early. But I wasn't ready.
Where Doctors Can Find a Higher Pay & Lower Cost of Living
  |  Physician on FIRE
As a physician, certain parts of the nation offer a higher pay scale coupled with a lower cost of living. Take advantage of this geographic arbitrage.
The Donor Advised Fund: The Best Way to Donate
  |  Physician on FIRE
Using a donor advised fund is a great way to give the most to charity at the lowest cost to you. This is how I used mine to donate $100,000.

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