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Different Language Versions of Urticaria Control Test Lost Nothing in Translation
  |  Megan Daily
A novel cross-cultural adaptation of the Urticaria Control Test (UCT) for clinical applications in Thailand proved every bit as effective as its German predecessor.
Data Analyses Show Major Strides in Blood Biomarkers for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
  |  Megan Daily
Researchers evaluated the correlation between clinical and laboratory findings to identify biomarkers for a range of chronic spontaneous urticaria criteria including differential diagnosis, activity, duration, patient subgroups allocation, and response to treatment.
Literature Review of Aquagenic Urticaria: How One Becomes “Allergic to Water”
  |  Megan Daily
Researchers compiled best practices for clinicians diagnosing and treating aquagenic urticaria (AU), a rare, but debilitating form of the skin disorder that leaves patients unable to bathe, sweat, or cry without breaking out in painful wheals.
No Association Found Between Hives and Heart Attack
  |  Megan Daily
A new study reported no increased incidence of heart disease in patients treated for chronic urticaria, despite prior research highlighting a potential association with other cardiac risk precursors.
Four Simple Tests Can Improve Autoimmune Urticaria Diagnosis
  |  Megan Daily
Researchers highlight a new set of tests that could streamline the process involved in identifying autoimmune chronic urticaria.
Hepatitis C: Bronx Program Keeps Former Prison Inmates in Treatment
  |  Megan Daily
Prisoners who are able to get hepatitis C antivirals while they are still incarcerated can be lost to treatment when they are freed. A community linkage program in the Bronx, NY is having success keeping the patients on their drug regimens.
Hepatitis C Damage Doesn't Stop at the Liver, Renal Failure Risk Seen
  |  Megan Daily
When patients with chronic kidney disease also have untreated hepatitis C, the prognosis is grim. The combination can lead to end-stage renal disease, a study found.
C. difficile Resisted Disinfection in Hospital Outbreak
  |  Megan Daily
Despite intense efforts to disinfect hospital surfaces, C. difficile can be difficult to eliminate a two-year followup showed in Costa Rica.
Parent Panic as Leprosy Hits California
  |  Megan Daily
A disease that was much-feared but now so rare it is often mistaken for atopic dermatitis, leprosy has been confirmed in a California elementary school pupil. Armadillos are known to harbor and spread the bacteria that cause it.

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