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New Research Points to Food as Possible Source of C. difficile
  |  Lisa Neuman
DNA fingerprinting shows C. difficile may be spread through the food source.
Cannabidiol May Cut Number of Seizures in Half
  |  Lisa Neuman
Cannabidiol may cut the number of seizures for some patients who have epilepsy.
Long-term Therapy with Norfloxacin Improves Advanced Liver Disease Prognosis
  |  Lisa Neuman
Norfloxacin improved the prognosis of life-threatening advanced liver disease.
Pitavastatin Emerges as a Preferred Drug for Dyslipidemia Treatment in Patients with HIV: INTREPID Study
  |  Lisa Neuman
Pitavastatin is superior to pravastatin in reducing LDL in patients with HIV.
Trans Fats Restrictions May Be Working, Yale Study Finds
  |  Lisa Neuman
People who restrict trans fats are hospitalized less for MIs and strokes.
Psoriatic Disease Linked to Higher Risk of Pathological Fractures
  |  Lisa Neuman
Pso and PsA are associated with higher rates of pathological fractures.
CDC: Prevalence of High-Risk HPV Rises in Unvaccinated Adults
  |  Lisa Neuman
HPV is apparently on the rise in the United States among unvaccinated adults.
NIMH: Death Rate Higher with First Episode of Psychosis in Young People
  |  Lisa Neuman
Young adults with psychosis have higher mortality rate than those of same age.
Umbilical Cord Blood Found Safe for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  |  Lisa Neuman
Umbilical cord blood is safe for young children with autism spectrum disorder.

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