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Do Children with ADHD Fare Worse if Parents have ADHD?
  |  Kenneth Bender
Kids have higher odds of harsh ADHD symptoms if parents have severe symptoms.
Diabetes Lifestyle Interventions Make People Healthier, Not Smarter
  |  Kenneth Bender
Cognitive assessment is not improved by lifestyle interventions in diabetes. Health is.
Do Meds for ADHD Symptoms Improve Daily Functioning?
  |  Kenneth Bender
Stimulants improved adaptive functioning in kids with ADHD symptoms.
Hypoglycemic Episodes Linked to Atherosclerosis in Type 2 Diabetes
  |  Kenneth Bender
The frequency of hypoglycemic episodes affects carotid atherosclerosis in patients with type 1 diabetes.
Academy Questions Value of QEEG in Attention-Deficit Disorder
  |  Kenneth Bender
Quantitative EEG is not the way to diagnose ADHD, guidelines say.
Can Cognitive Training Prevent ADHD in Infants?
  |  Kenneth Bender
Researchers suspect cognitive training can prevent the development attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in infants.
Breakthroughs in Atopic Eczema Treatment and Prevention Highlighted in Year-End Reviews
  |  Kenneth Bender
The second of a two-part, year-end review of advances against eczema/dermatitis (AD) focused on treatment and prevention, noting there was little evidence showing "relative efficacy" of common systemic treatments.
Year-End Reviews Mark Advances Against Atopic Eczema
  |  Kenneth Bender
An end-of-year two-part review highlighted that despite prevalent outcome measures, there is no consensus on the definition of a flare in atopic dermatitis.
Phototherapy: Treatment of Choice for Adults with Atopic Eczema in UK
  |  Kenneth Bender
Most dermatologists in the United Kingdom choose phototherapy first when treating adult patients with recalcitrant moderate-to-severe atopic eczema/dermatitis (AD).

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