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Don't Let The F-Word Trip You Up When Looking for an Advisor
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Here's what imitation crab and some advisors have in common.
How to Manipulate AGI to Lower Your Taxes
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
You'll reduce your tax bill by watching your AGI, the most important number in tax planning.
My 12-Step Program for Year-End Tax Planning
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Have you pushed aside tax planning in 2016? Until Trump changes our tax code, these suggestions can help you save time and money!
Why Low Interest Rates Shouldn't Bother You
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Never expect a savings account to act like an investment portfolio.
Investing in Bonds is Bad for Your Wealth
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Always following the herd means you are going to wade through a lot of poop
What You Should Know About Deducting Your Car for Business
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
To save the most on your taxes, you need to consider your choices for deducting your vehicle expenses.
How Your Taxes May Change in a Trump Administration
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Don't be surprised if you find your tax bill goes down when Republicans get together in 2017
6 Huge Benefits of IC income
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Even if you don't do a lot of IC work, working even a few extra hours a year can be incredibly lucrative
An Olympic Tax Loophole for Business Owners
  |  Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP
Your home has a tax loophole benefit that you probably don't know about

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