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Jared Kaltwasser is an Assistant Editor for Physician’s Money Digest. He covers the business of health care and personal finance. He also serves as the editor for MD Magazine’sbimonthly lifestyle magazine for iPad. He can be contacted by e-mail at

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Racial and Ethnic Minorities Less Likely to See Neurologist
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
Regular access to care could have a major impact on outcomes for neurological patients.
Medical Records Flag Future Multiple Sclerosis Patients 5 Years Before Onset
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
MS patients can exhibit warning signs 5 years before onset.
Multiple Sclerosis Patients' Cognition Improved by Brain Training
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
The training software greatly improved cognition over computer games.
Survey: Misdiagnosis, Myriad Symptoms Common for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
It took 5 visits to the doctor to correctly diagnose many MS patients.
US Firm Moves Forward on Cannabis Gum for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
Cannabis gum may be on the horizon for patients with multiple sclerosis.
New Study Suggests Smoking May Play Larger Role in MS
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
Smokers found to have altered levels of MAIT than the general population.
Study: Drug Costs Likely to Lead to Skyrocketing Multiple Sclerosis Care Burden
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
Multiple sclerosis is an expensive condition to treat in the US.
Long-Term Study Discovers Multiple Sclerosis Cuts Life Expectancy By 7 Years
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
The life expectancy of MS patients is shorter by almost a decade.
Large Family Study Strengthens Case for Inherited Multiple Sclerosis
  |  Jared Kaltwasser
Some forms of multiple sclerosis can be inherited.

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