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How Well Does the Modern Physician Adapt?
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
What differentiates an intelligent, hard working and compassionate burned out doctor from a happy doctor?
How to Address Fake Medical News
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
While fake news of the political nature has become a matter or hot public debate, online misinformation about health and medicine has been around for years.
Investing vs. Saving
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
As a doctor, you may face dramatic changes in your salary throughout your long medical career – and not just because of the usual and expected jump in salary when transitioning from resident to attending status.
Top Five Self-Sabotaging Phrases To Avoid At Work
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
It is worthwhile to be aware of a few of the most common self-sabotaging phrases that can affect how you are perceived in the workplace.
Why Working Part Time May Not Be a Good Idea
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
Working part time has many positive and negative implications for a doctor: financial, personal and professional. Before jumping into a decision to work part time, it is important to understand the negative effects that this work schedule can have on a physician.
The Benefits of Working Part Time
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
Working part time is becoming a choice for many physicians. Doctors who have time constraints, numerous responsibilities or are raising kids in a two-career family may opt for part time work as a way to maintain work-life balance or be more available for family time.
Options For Physicians Who Don’t Get Accepted To Residency Programs
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
As the number of applicants to residency programs in the United States swells, there are more and more fully educated physicians who cannot get the necessary training required to become licensed physicians or to specialize.
Controlling Your Online Presence
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
The Internet has become ubiquitous. Almost every industry is tied to the Internet in some way or another; consumers, customers and even patients look to the Internet to decide whether or not you are the right fit for them.
Which Life Insurance Option is Right For You?
  |  Heidi Moawad, MD
Most people often aren’t too excited about spending money on insurance. As you plan out your finances, buying life insurance requires a little research and some basic know-how about the different types of life insurance.

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