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5 Positive Points Physicians Shouldn't Forget About Their Profession
  |  Greg Kelly
The good news is that there is good news for the medical profession.
The PMD Critical List: Who Are Your Favorite Patients?
  |  Greg Kelly
The PMD Critical List for the week of December 26 is packed with the top healthcare stories circling the Web.
25 Years of Physician Advocacy
  |  Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly has been a part of Physician’s Money Digest (PMD) for 25 years now. He takes a walk down memory lane to when print PMD was the #1 “cover-to-cover readership” for over a decade.
The PMD Critical List: Inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver Passes Away
  |  Greg Kelly
This week's PMD Critical List is packed with the top healthcare stories circling the Web.
The Empathic Physician—Whatever That Means
  |  Greg Kelly
Should physicians embrace being more empathic? A new study says that's what patient care needs.
The PMD Critical List: Doctors Need Specific Empathy Skills
  |  Greg Kelly
Empathy is different from compassion – and physicians need to be good at it. That story tops this week’s PMD Critical List.
Is “Price Right” for America's Doctors?
  |  Greg Kelly
President-Elect Donald J. Trump has nominated a physician to be the new Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services. In addition to deciding the future of Obamacare, the cabinet secretary at HHS also oversees Medicare, Medicaid, the FDA, CDCP and NIH.
The PMD Critical List: The Top 7 Most Meaningful Jobs Are All Physicians
  |  Greg Kelly
What kind of physician has the most meaningful job? The answer is in the top story of this week’s PMD Critical List.
Prescribe & Practice “The Alameda Seven”
  |  Greg Kelly
George A. Sheehan, Jr., MD, the nationally-renowned “Running Doc,” was the guru of the sport in the 70s and 80s. Sheehan revolutionized the sport of running as a means of total fitness for mind and body.

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