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Gale Scott is Deputy Executive Editor of MD Magazine. She covers medical conferences and writes about news and issues on a variety of topics, with a special focus on cardiology and neurology. She can be contacted by e-mail at

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Stock Transactions Put Trump HHS Nominee Under Scrutiny
  |  Gale Scott
Democrats charge HHS nominee Tom Price with ethics breaches.
MS Progresses, Income Drops, Swedes Find
  |  Gale Scott
Treating multiple sclerosis early pays off in higher patient incomes.
Trump Firm on Competitive Bids for Medicare Drugs, New Health Plan
  |  Gale Scott
Trump repeats his pledges: new health plan, competitive bids on Medicare drugs.
Disasters Can Keep on Taking: Katrina Still Causing Heart Attack Spike
  |  Gale Scott
It was no surprise that New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina took an immediate toll on residents' health when it hit 11 years ago. A new study showed it also led (or forced) many people to stop taking care of themselves, resulting in an increase in heart attacks seen 10 years out.
Magnesium Reduces Diabetes, Heart Failure?
  |  Gale Scott
A retrospective analysis of nutrition studies showed magnesium can reduce heart failure and diabetes risk. The key is dosage, a team found.
FDA: Surgery on Babies Risks Brain Damage
  |  Gale Scott
After a review of existing studies, the FDA today sent out a warning that surgery lasting three hours or more poses a threat of brain or other neurological damage in babies, fetuses, and toddlers.
Real-World Study on Valve Replacement Finds It More Dangerous than Surgery
  |  Gale Scott
An analysis of thousands of patients in Germany taken from a national registry found interventional procedures more dangerous than surgery for severe symptomatic aortic valve stenosis. But there may have been confounding factors.
Trump Attacks Pharma in First Press Conference Since Election
  |  Gale Scott
President-Elect Donald Trump plans to allow Medicare to bid on drugs.
Trump's Vaccine Theories Alarm Docs
  |  Gale Scott
Donald Trump believes vaccines cause autism.

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