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HCV Reinfection Uncommon Among Patients on Opioid Substitution Therapy After DAA Treatment, Study Suggests
  |  Gail Connor Roche
Direct-acting antiviral medication impacts HCV infection in patients on opioid substitution therapy.
Genetic Markers May Predict Which HCV/Cirrhosis Patients Improve with Treatment
  |  Gail Connor Roche
Findings could minimize the need for liver transplants.
Generic Hepatitis C Drugs in India Prove Cost-Effective While Boosting Patient Outcomes
  |  Gail Connor Roche
DAAs Cost $1309 Less Over Lifetime Than Providing No Treatment
Study Suggests New Way to Fight Hepatitis C, Other Infections
  |  Gail Connor Roche
Researchers studied how the virus hijacks infected cells.
Hepatitis C Guide Released in Time for National Testing Day
  |  Gail Connor Roche
The guide calls for Baby Boomers to be tested at least once in their lives.
HCV Eliminated in Patients Given Kidney Transplants from Infected Donors
  |  Gail Connor Roche
Patients who received lifesaving kidney transplants from deceased donors infected with HCV were cured after undergoing antiviral drug therapy.
Hepatitis B and C Affect 325 Million Worldwide with Most Failing to Get Treatment, WHO Says
  |  Gail Connor Roche
WHO estimates 325 million people worldwide are living with chronic HBV or HCV.
Merck Says Zepatier Yields High HCV Cure Rates in US Veterans Study
  |  Gail Connor Roche
Veterans had undetectable HCV RNA 12 weeks after treatment with the DAA.
WHO Prequalifies First Generic Ingredient for Hepatitis C Medicines
  |  Gail Connor Roche
For the first time, the WHO has prequalified a generic API for treating HCV.

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