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How to Defeat Wishful Thinking
  |  Future Proof, MD
Tell me if you know a fellow physician who has $300,000 in student loans, $20,000 owed on a car, $5,000 owed on credit cards, yet they always have the solution – “I’ll pay it all off when I get paid the ‘real’ money.” Let's talk about wishful thinking.
10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
  |  Future Proof, MD
I hope you haven't waited this long to do your Christmas shopping. But if you did, here are some last-minute gift ideas.
Have You Met a Poor Doctor?
  |  Future Proof, MD
I haven’t. No, I have never met a poor doctor and I don’t believe I ever will. Let me explain.
Who is Tom Price, MD?
  |  Future Proof, MD
By now you've heard that president-elect Trump is nominating conservative Republican representative Tom Price, MD of Georgia's 6th congressional district as the 23rd Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Read on to see why you should care. Who is Tom Price, MD anyways?
2016 Year-End Tax Tune Up
  |  Future Proof, MD
Happy Thanksgiving! As we near the end of 2016, I'm sure you've got your mind on some holiday shopping. But I want to redirect your attention to holiday savings - specifically saving from Uncle Sam.
President Trump vs. Physician Finance
  |  Future Proof, MD
No matter what your political leaning, there is a good chance the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election came as a surprise. Now the dust has cleared a little, I want to approach it from a different perspective – how President Trump will impact your finances on a personal level.
Are You Financially Future Proof?
  |  Future Proof, MD
Are you financially future proof? Let's talk about a few ways to address this difficult question.
Chinese Grandma vs. American Grandma, Which One Are You?
  |  Future Proof, MD
Here's a classic social psychology question - Chinese Grandma vs. American Grandma, Which One Are You?
One Often Forgotten Cause of Healthcare Fraud...
  |  Future Proof, MD
With an estimated 12% of Medicare and 10% of Medicaid payments lost to fraud and other improper payments in 2015, it is no surprise that battling healthcare fraud is a high priority on the government's checklist. Let's talk about one rampant cause of healthcare fraud that doesn't get the limelight.

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