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More Than One-Third of Patients Hospitalized for Asthma Exacerbations are Smokers
  |  Ellen Kurek
Although 35% of US patients hospitalized for an asthma exacerbation were current smokers, only 55% of current smokers received a smoking cessation intervention during their hospital stay.
Asthmatics with Elevated Eosinophil Levels Far More Likely to Require Hospital Admission
  |  Ellen Kurek
A retrospective cohort analysis showed patients with severe asthma and elevated eosinophil levels accounted for only 3% of all asthma patients but an estimated $1.3 billion in costs due to hospital admission for asthma exacerbation.
PCR Testing Revolutionized Diagnosis, Treatment of Infectious Uveitis
  |  Ellen Kurek
A 12-tube polymerase chain reaction strip can detect 24 ocular pathogens.
Study: Il-1 Inhibitors Controlled Behçet's Disease-Related Uveitis
  |  Ellen Kurek
Annual rate of ocular inflammatory flares fell from 200 to 49 per 100 patients.
Study Explores Impact of Antioxidants, Genetics On Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  |  Ellen Kurek
Researchers find gap in antioxidant enzymes between AMD patients and controls.
Recent Trial: Ranibizumab Did Not Prevent New Macular Atrophy in Cases of Neovascular AMD
  |  Ellen Kurek
Whether injected monthly or according to a TREX regimen, ranibizumab did not have a statistically significant effect on the development of new macular atrophy in eyes with neovascular AMD.
Intravitreal Ranibizumab Study Finds Few Non-Responders among AMD Patients
  |  Ellen Kurek
At the one-month follow-up exam, only 7% were functional non-responders, half of whom were reclassified as responders at 6-month follow-up.
Zika May Lead to Bilateral Posterior Uveitis in Infected Adults
  |  Ellen Kurek
Monitoring Zika-exposed patients for visual symptoms and ocular findings is particularly important because these may be the only indicators of the infection in some patients.
Tubulointerstitial Nephritis and Uveitis Syndrome Threatens Vision in Some Patients
  |  Ellen Kurek
Some cases of tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome, or TINU, have a poor visual prognosis, so early diagnosis and treatment are recommended. Diagnosis requires detailed history taking, whole-body imaging studies, and examination of renal function.

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