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ADA's Position Statement Advises on Role of Anti-VEGF Agents in DME
  |  Ellen Kurek
For eyes 20/50 or worse, aflibercept most effective at improving visual acuity.
Large AMD Study Associates Frequent Bevacizumab Injections with Risk of Glaucoma Surgery
  |  Ellen Kurek
Glaucoma surgery 2.5 times more likely after 7 or more shots in a year than after 3.
Large Study Finds Bilateral Anti-VEGF Injection on Same Day Appears Safe
  |  Ellen Kurek
Acute intraocular inflammation was less common for ranibizumab than aflibercept.
Uveitic Glaucoma: Intensive Treatment Necessary Following Trabeculectomy
  |  Ellen Kurek
Uveitis recurrence was associated with failure of trabeculectomy, not implant.
Determining the Role of Stress in the Progression of AMD
  |  Ellen Kurek
Perceived Stress Scale worked well in assessing stress levels of AMD patients.
Refractory Noninfectious Uveitis: Orphan IMT Drugs Hold Promise
  |  Ellen Kurek
Review explores reducing corticosteroid use with immunomodulatory therapies.
Unilateral nAMD Without Drusen in Other Eye: A Distinct Clinical Entity?
  |  Ellen Kurek
Two-year retrospective study indicates need to tailor treatment strategy.
Study Finds Population Differences Between Randomized Controlled Trials, Real-World Studies of Ranibizumab
  |  Ellen Kurek
DME patients in non-interventional studies notably older than in RCTs.
Wet AMD: Aflibercept Best at Reducing Severe Increases in Pigment Epithelial Detachment Height
  |  Ellen Kurek
Researchers compared aflibercept, bevacizumab, and ranibizumab injections.

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