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Resveratrol-based Nutraceutical Improved Dark Adaptation in Patients with Vision Loss from AMD
  |  Ellen Kurek
Dark adaptation screening plus Longevinex could alter the course of the disease.
Study Finds 25% of Patients with AMD Remain Undiagnosed After Dilated Eye Exam
  |  Ellen Kurek
Of those undiagnosed, 30% had large drusen at the time.
Early Detection of Choroidal Neovascularization in AMD Could Improve Visual Outcomes
  |  Ellen Kurek
The typical nAMD patient loses lines of vision before being diagnosed.
Aflibercept Vs. Ranibizumab: Similar QOL Benefits, Varied Costs for Treating Diabetic Macular Edema
  |  Ellen Kurek
Incremental ratio was too high even with most favorable scenario for aflibercept.
Ranibizumab for DME: A Pooled Analysis of Clinical Trials of its Vascular Safety
  |  Ellen Kurek
Vascular death was 2.5 times more common with 0.3 mg ranibizumab than with sham.
Study Explores Risk Factors for RA-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease
  |  Ellen Kurek
Factors include elevated carbohydrate antigen 125 and lactate dehydrogenase.
Case Report Supports the Role of NF-κB Activation in Antigen-B27 Uveitis
  |  Ellen Kurek
Serum levels of ubiquitin and proteasome correlated well with uveitis score.
AMD Treatment Still Brings Anxiety, Depression Despite Visual Improvements
  |  Ellen Kurek
Reassurance should focus on success rates and low risk of serious problems.
MONARCH Trial: Sarilumab Outperformed Adalimumab for RA After 6 Months as Monotherapy
  |  Ellen Kurek
Sarilumab patients had less disease activity and pain, greater response rates.

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