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Criminalization of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior May Lead to False Reports of High HIV Testing
  |  Dava Stewart
Laws prohibiting same-sex sexual behaviors are linked to implausibly low MSM estimates.
Cytomegalovirus Still a Problem for Patients with HIV Treated with ART
  |  Dava Stewart
Researchers explore cytomegalovirus in patients with HIV.
Trump Policies Could Erase Gains in HIV Epidemic
  |  Dava Stewart
The global gag rule could hurt progress made in fighting HIV.
Genetics Study Explains How Schizophrenia Offsets Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  |  Dava Stewart
Schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis appear to have a DNA level connection.
Choosing a Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Could Become Easier with These Biomarkers
  |  Dava Stewart
Treg and Breg cells can be very telling for rheumatoid arthritis treatment.
3D Printouts Could Encourage Patients with Arthritis to Take Their Medication
  |  Dava Stewart
Arthro-haptic 3D printed prototypes give patients an emotional experience.
Methotrexate Not Working for Rheumatoid Arthritis? Study Results Say Try Baricitinib
  |  Dava Stewart
Patients who didn't respond to methotrexate may do well on baricitinib.
Combination Therapy Deemed Effective for Hepatitis C Genotype 4
  |  Dava Stewart
Drug combo deemed effective for one of the rarest hepatitis C genotypes in the United States.
New Hope for Patients with Advanced Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Treatment deemed effective for patients with hepatitis C and less than one year life expectancy.

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