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Methotrexate Not Working for Rheumatoid Arthritis? Study Results Say Try Baricitinib
  |  Dava Stewart
Patients who didn't respond to methotrexate may do well on baricitinib.
Combination Therapy Deemed Effective for Hepatitis C Genotype 4
  |  Dava Stewart
Drug combo deemed effective for one of the rarest hepatitis C genotypes in the United States.
New Hope for Patients with Advanced Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Treatment deemed effective for patients with hepatitis C and less than one year life expectancy.
How Dual Hepatitis B, C Infection Differs from Single Infection
  |  Dava Stewart
Dual infection with hepatitis B and C results in a competition.
DAAs Offer More Options for Treating Dialysis Patients with Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Renal failure complicates hepatitis C treatment, but there's options.
Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents May Be Beneficial Beyond Hepatitis C Treatment
  |  Dava Stewart
Three patients with porphyria cutanea tarda benefited from hepatitis C treatment.
Phase 4 Real-World Study Assesses Simeprevir for Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Simeprevir-based regimens helped 90% of patients with hepatitis C achieve SVR.
Interferon-Free Treatment May Slow Cognitive Decline in Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Hepatitis C replication is associated with neuroinflammatory conditions, which could lead to cognitive deficits.
Genetic Investigation of Lymphotropism in Hepatitis C
  |  Dava Stewart
Researchers address the controversial topic of B-cell infection by hepatitis C.

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