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Heart Failure Associated With Depletion of Core Intestinal Microbiota
  |  Dava Stewart
A German study examined the intestinal microbiomes of 20 HF patients.
SPRINT Studies Effect of Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment on Heart Failure Events
  |  Dava Stewart
Treating systolic blood pressure of >120 mmHG reduces risk of acute decompensated heart failure.
Wheezing Due to Rhinovirus Could Set the Stage for Asthma Development
  |  Dava Stewart
Wheezing from RV in the first 3 years of life leads to higher risk of asthma.
New Approaches to Managing Severe Asthma in Children
  |  Dava Stewart
A UK study aims to tackle poorly controlled asthma and misdiagnoses
ACT-SOLO Study: Patients Receiving Tocilizumab Monotherapy Still Benefit
  |  Dava Stewart
At one year, nearly as many on monotherapy were in remission as on combo therapy.
Epidemiological Investigation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Links Manual Labor to the Disease
  |  Dava Stewart
Prolonged, repetitive hard work is a risk factor for RA, according to a new study.
FUNCTION Trial: Sustained Results for RA with Tocilizumab Maintained Through 2 Years
  |  Dava Stewart
Alone or combined with methotrexate, benefits continued through week 104.
Cancer Burden Expected to Change for HIV-Positive Population
  |  Dava Stewart
Researchers evaluate risk of AID-defining and non-AIDS-defining cancers.
TDF Slows Liver Fibrosis for Patients with HIV, Hepatitis B Coinfection
  |  Dava Stewart
Researchers analyzed liver fibrosis levels in HIV, hepatitis B coinfection.

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