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New Ships in 2017: Viking Ocean Cruises
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
With 26 new ships launching at just Viking Ocean Cruises alone, it looks like 2017 could be the year of cruises.
National Geographic Traveler's 7 Best Cities for 2017
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
What better way to celebrate the new year than with a trip? National Geographic Traveler magazine revealed the seven best cities to visit in 2017.
The Near and Far Celebrations You Haven't Heard About
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
Planning your next getaway around a special celebration in a particular city could make your trip that much more exciting.
Three Must-Visit Canadian Spots for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Savings
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
A favorable exchange rate from the US dollar to the Canadian dollar makes heading north for a ski or snowboard trip that much more appealing.
Planning an Aruba Vacation? Start Here
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
From snorkeling to jeep tours, it's no wonder that Aruba has so many repeat visitors.
Caribbean Getaways: Bonaire Island Off the Coast of Venezuela
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
Water sports activity lovers won't be bored on Bonaire Island, located 50 miles north of Venezuela.
Winter Deals on Caribbean and Latin America Beach Resorts
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
Warm up this winter by giving yourself and your family a beach vacation as a holiday gift. Book the deals soon for travel later in the winter – and don’t worry, this is one present that no one will want to return.
Top US Destinations to Visit in 2017
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
‘Tis the season to be making wishes, and if one of yours is for interesting travel destinations, then be merry. This time of year, travel magazines and sites post “best of” lists, crowning select destinations as the hottest places to visit in 2017.
Top Travel Gift for Every Price Point
  |  Candyce H. Stapen @familyitrips
Travel gifts make great holiday presents. Many are wallet-friendly, most solve an annoying trip problem, and all come with a ticket to dream.

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