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Caitlyn Fitzpatrick is an Assistant Editor for MD Magazine. She covers news and other topics in pain management and infectious disease. She can be contacted by e-mail at

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Specific Protein Level Correlates with Depression During Pregnancy, Birth Defects
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Researchers pinpoint depression biomarker during pregnancy and how to treat it.
Why Do Some People Get HIV After Exposure But Others Don't?
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Some HIV-1 strains are able to get past the body's natural barriers better.
Yoga for Lower Back Pain? It Depends
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Using yoga for lower back pain relief may be a case of trial-and-error.
Democrats in Last-Ditch Fight for ACA
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
The first major step in repealing Obamacare has officially been taken.
Pre-Pregnancy Blood Pressure Could Predict Baby's Gender
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Break out the blue paint for women with higher preconception blood pressure.
Shoulder Pain Could Be a Warning for Heart Disease Risk Factors
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Heart disease risk factors, not occupation, were linked to shoulder pain.
Researchers Challenge CDC's HIV Prevention Guidelines
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
The CDC’s PrEP guidelines might not be specific enough.
Stop Blaming Bad Weather for Body Pain
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
It might be time to retire the belief that bad weather is hurting joint pain even more.
Cleveland Clinic Does Damage Control as One of Its Doctors Criticizes Vaccines
  |  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Daniel Neides, MD, is in hot water about anti-vaccine comments he made on the Cleveland Clinic's blog.

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