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Amy Jacob is an Associate Editor for MD Magazine. When she’s not in the office reporting on gastroenterology and dermatology news or managing the monthly publication Internal Medicine World Report, Amy travels to medical conferences to cover relevant medical news topics. She can be reached by e-mail at

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Severe Skin Disease Drug Gets FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation
  |  Amy Jacob
Severe skin disease medication gets FDA breakthrough therapy designation status.
EU Commission Approves Drug for Select Adult, Pediatric Inflammatory Diseases
  |  Amy Jacob
European officials approved new biosimilar for select inflammatory diseases.
FDA Approves First Treatment for Rare Skin Cancer
  |  Amy Jacob
Rare skin cancer drug gets FDA accelerated approval.
AIDS, Ebola, now Zika: What's Next for Anthony Fauci, MD
  |  Amy Jacob
NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, MD is globally renowned for immunology research.
FDA Approves Parkinson's Drug
  |  Amy Jacob
The FDA gave a green light to an add-on therapy for Parkinson's.
Narrow Spectrum Antibiotics Offer New Treatment Approach to C. difficile Infections
  |  Amy Jacob
Some researchers have considered treating C. difficile with fidaxomicin.
People Without Gallbladders Should Not Use IBS Drug, FDA Cautions
  |  Amy Jacob
IBS-D treatment eluxadoline is a risk for patients who do not have gallbladders.
How Can We Stop Onward Transmission in HIV and Other Infectious Diseases? VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
The kind of strategies Myron Cohen, MD and team used for STDs and the gonorrhea bacterial pathogen were applied to HIV.
Understanding the Benefits of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Protection VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
"ART treatment is exceptionally good at stopping transmission," said Myron Cohen, MD, Department of Infectious Disease, UNC.

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