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Amy Jacob is an Associate Editor for MD Magazine. When she’s not in the office reporting on gastroenterology and dermatology news or managing the monthly publication Internal Medicine World Report, Amy travels to medical conferences to cover relevant medical news topics. She can be reached by e-mail at

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The Safety Profile of Teriflunomide for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
“This appears to be a very safe and effective drug, and is a valuable part of our therapeutic armamentarium. I don’t think teriflunomide addresses all the unmet needs in MS, in fact, no drug meets all the unmet needs, but this is a very well tolerated oral agent.”
TOPIC Extension Study: Teriflunomide a "Well Tolerated" Oral Agent for Long-Term Multiple Sclerosis VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
The nearly 7-year extension trial presented a 47% reduction overall in conversion to clinically definite MS with those patients who had been on 14mg of teriflunomide from the beginning.
New Data Support Benefit of Ocrevus for Relapsing, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
Ocrevus reduced all 3 aspects of relapsing MS disease: reduction relapses, reduction disability, and reduction lesions within the brain quite substantially.
Tardive Dyskinesia: There Was No Standard of Care Before Valbenazine VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
Patients with tardive dyskinesia were previously only looked at, not treated.
Tardive Dyskinesia is More Common Than People Realize VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
The treatment of tardive dyskinesia can improve the impact of the condition on these very complicated patients.
Dysport Provides Relief For Children With Lower Limb Spasticity VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
Kids with lower limb spasticity should be given Dysport.
Multiple Sclerosis: Early Treatment with Tecfidera and Tysabri Can Improve Outcomes VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
Tecfidera and Tysabri can provide MS patients with positive outcomes.
What Are The Unmet Needs in ALS Research? VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
Researchers previously only considered ALS as one illness, but new knowledge has changed that mentality and has shown experts they need to personalize treatment approaches. “It’s important to understand the disease in different groups of people.”
Early Findings Suggest Potential New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
  |  Amy Jacob
Preliminary results hint at a new type of progressive MS treatment.

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