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Amy Jacob is an Associate Editor for MD Magazine. When she’s not in the office reporting on gastroenterology and dermatology news or managing the monthly publication Internal Medicine World Report, Amy travels to medical conferences to cover relevant medical news topics. She can be reached by e-mail at

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Doctors Want Pharmacies to Sell Abortion Pill
  |  Amy Jacob
Some doctors urge FDA to lift regulations on the so-called abortion pill.
Phase 3 Trial Reports Ozanimod Cuts Multiple Sclerosis Relapse Rate
  |  Amy Jacob
Oral ozanimod treatment can reduce MS relapse rates.
It's Time to Consider Patients From Vulnerable Populations VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
"We've done a really good job of developing medicines to get that virus under control. I think what's sort of important for our community now is to very carefully look at what the unmet needs are," said Emu.
Phase 3 Trial of Ibalizumab ART Therapy Reports Positive Results VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
"Even though we have a lot of drugs, because of the resistance profile of their virus, they don't have a lot of options, so what these results mean for the most vulnerable of our patients is that they have access now to a new class of drugs," Emu concluded.
HIV: Changing Trends Since The 1980s VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
At The Crossroads of Holistic and Traditional Treatment for HIV Patients VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
The idea of holistic care has two meanings, Anthony Mills, MD, SoCal Men's Medical Group, explained at CROI 2017.
HIV's Greatest Success: Preventing Transmission from Mothers-To-Babies VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
James McIntyre, MBChB, FRCOG, continued to discuss the key success story in HIV prevention history: preventing transmission from mothers to babies. Many papers report that transmission has dropped to less than 2%, and across Africa transmission has dropped from 18% to less than 6%.
Advances in HIV: Where Are We? VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
At CROI 2017, James McIntyre, MBChB, Anova Health Institute explained that HIV prevention remains one of the most important things researchers still have to deal with.
Testing is Crucial in Mother-To-Child Hepatitis C Transmission VIDEO
  |  Amy Jacob
At CROI 2017, John W. Ward, MD, CDC, explained his team has been concentrating on one particular health effect: transmission of hepatitis C from mother-to-child at the time of birth. This is showing them increases in children now becoming infected with hepatitis C, so it’s a growing problem among young people and their children.

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