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Dysfunctional Breathing Linked to Poor Asthma Control in Patients
  |  Amanda Warren
Relationship persists between dysfunctional breathing and poor asthma.
Long-Term Omalizumab Use Benefits Asthma Patients
  |  Amanda Warren
Patients with severe allergic asthma should try omalizumab therapy.
Newly Identified Biomarkers Could Help Asthma and Allergy Diagnosis
  |  Amanda Warren
Genetic biomarkers can be linked to severity and development of asthma.
Traffic-Related Air Pollution Linked to Childhood Asthma Development
  |  Amanda Warren
Traffic-related air pollution could impact childhood asthma prevalence.
Eliminating Cockroaches in the Home has Significant Impact on Children with Asthma
  |  Amanda Warren
Killing cockroaches from infested homes reduced asthma morbidity.
Anxiety, Asthma, and Parental Influence: More Complicated Than Researchers Expected
  |  Amanda Warren
Surprising links exist between kids with asthma, parental influence, & anxiety.
Multiple Sclerosis: Cognitive Therapy Eases Anxiety
  |  Amanda Warren
An MS diagnosis is depressing, but cognitive behavioral therapy helps.
Improved Tests Better at Finding MS in Children
  |  Amanda Warren
Diagnosing pediatric MS: more accurate with test refinements.
An Upside to Multiple Sclerosis? Cancer Risk and MS
  |  Amanda Warren
Multiple sclerosis patients appear to be less likely to get cancer, possibly because of drugs they take to modify the symptoms of MS.

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