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Serum Cytokines Profiles May Help Predict Risk of Asthma Burden
  |  Amanda Warren
Newfound association a step towards creating cytokine profiles for asthma phenotypes.
Improving Eosinphilic Asthma with Reslizumab Add-On Treatment
  |  Amanda Warren
Reslizumab can improve lung functions in certain asthmatic patients.
Biologic Therapy's Potential for Treating Patients with Refractory Asthma
  |  Amanda Warren
Asthma responds differently to specific treatment regimens based on subtypes.
Meta-Analysis Supports Omalizumab Therapy for Asthma
  |  Amanda Warren
Omalizumab therapy reduces exacerbations in severe allergic asthma patients.
Reassessment of Asthma Diagnoses Highly Recommended for Adult Patients with Asthma
  |  Amanda Warren
Reassessing asthma diagnoses in adults with asthma can help with overmedication.
Researchers Identify Genes Associated with Adult Onset Asthma by Occupational Exposure
  |  Amanda Warren
Study found link between adult-onset asthma and exposure to cleaning products.
Patients with Severe Asthma Symptoms Require Improvements in Assessment and Diagnosis
  |  Amanda Warren
Many patients treated for severe asthma had not been properly assessed.
Researchers Recommend Additional RV/TLC Testing for Patients with Longer Duration Asthma
  |  Amanda Warren
RV/TCL ratios have a stronger association with longer duration asthma.
Variations in Efficacy of Corticosteroid Use in Asthma not Linked to Genetics, Study Finds
  |  Amanda Warren
Genetics might not impact the efficacy of inhaled corticosteroid use in asthma.

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